Sleuth Saturday

Introducing Bonnie’s Book Club!! We will be discussing the different books that I am reading/listening to.

My goal is to post 2 books a month, one on Saturday, which will specifically be a Sherlock Holmes story and then another book on a Weds. I will share ahead of time which book will be discussing so if you want to read it with me!

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I have also joined Audible because being a busy mom sometimes sitting down and reading a book is difficult, BUT letting my echo dot read the book out loud while I clean is SUPER EASY!! So audible is $14.99 a month and they give you a free audiobook!! So of course I bought the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes and saved almost $50.

One thing that I don’t necessarily love is not being able to see the words when I am actually sitting down and listening…. I KNOW… never satisfied. But I bought my husband this book from Barnes and Noble a couple of years ago so I read along sometimes.

SO today we are talking about A Study in Scarlet, originally published in 1887. This is the first story where John Watson meets Sherlock Holmes and follows him around while Sherlock solves a crime. This is a two part story; the first part consists of Sherlock solving the crime and the second part explains why the murders happened at all. The first time I listened to the story I was very confused because the story was happening in England and then all of a sudden we are listening to two dying people in the desert.

If you are going to read the story and want to be surprised you should stop reading now. I will be revealing all.

Have you stopped reading???

Ok so the murdered in this story is a cabbie, he is avenging the lives of his love and her father!

Lucy and John Ferrier were stranded in the desert and dying when a caravan of displaced Mormons happened upon them. With the promise of following their religion and rules the Mormons saved them both and brought them to their promised land (Utah). John Ferrier (the father) thrived in Utah and became a very rich man, but he never really believed in the Mormon religion. His daughter Lucy falls in love with a man, Jefferson Hope, who is not a Mormon and they become engaged.

When word spreads that Lucy is engaged to be wed to a “gentile” Ferrier is visited by the prophet or chief of their village and is told that his daughter will chose between 2 Mormon men (sons of the Holy Four). Though violence and death are not spoken directly it is implied.

Trying to save his daughter from a miserable arranged marriage they both escape with Jefferson Hope, trying to get to Nevada. They have to take an extremely perilous journey and unfortunately the Mormons catch up to them while Jefferson Hope is hunting for food. They kill John Ferrier immediately and take Lucy back to Salt Lake City, she is forced to marry one of the sons of the elders and within a month she is dead.

Jefferson Hope is obviously enraged and tries to kill the two men most responsible for his anguish several times. They both live in fear for years, they actually leave the Mormon church and head back East. Jefferson Hope has to abandon his vengeance mission for several years but he starts stalking them. He finds them by accident but he is immediately recognized and the two men flee. Hope’s search for the men takes years, over 2 continents and many countries.

He finally gets them in England. First he finds the man who married his Lucy just for her father’s fortune and did nothing to prevent her death. He gives the man a pill after revealing who he was. The man dies of poison in an abandoned home, with only his murderer to watch. Hope then finds the other man, who actually killed John Ferrier, at his hotel. Hope wakes him up early in the morning with a knife to his throat and tries to give him the poison, but a fight ensure and he is stabbed to death instead.

Sherlock Holmes had of course figured out the “how” of the murders before we are even introduced to Jefferson Hope and John and Lucy Ferrier. He actually kills a dying dog to prove his point…. probably a normal thing back in 1887. He even knows the “who” and tricks the cabbie into coming to his flat with 2 policeman there so he can be arrested.

Jefferson Hope is arrested but is never punished for the crimes he committed though, he dies of a aneurism that very night in jail.

So that is the story, greatly abridged, but that is the basis of what happens. I really enjoyed reading how Holmes’ mind works and meeting characters I am familiar with from the TV show and the movies.

On October 7th I will be talking about A Simple Favor, both the movie and the book. On October 24th we will talk about The Hound of Baskerville.

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