These are always awkward for me. How much do I put in here, what do you really want to know?

I am a former Military brat, Marine Corps…. Ooooh Rah!! I feel that has had a large affect on my outlook on life and it has been a pretty cool life. I am very close to my immediate family because we had each other to lean on through all of the challenges.

I had my partying years where I did things that I was not proud of, but it builds character and helped me grow up.

I have been married and divorced and there are some stories there. I have 2 beautiful children as a result.

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a love of writing that I have had since I was young… I was the nerd that LOVED doing book reports. I have read so many books, they were the escape from reality.

I like to be creative in many ways, writing and up-cycling are some of my favorite.

This blog is me working on my writing style, which is not traditional when writing in blog form, I like to write like I am talking to you versus at you. I will occasionally use this blog to actually show some of my short stories that I am working on.

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