Beauty Of Sanctuary

I am a Christian, but my path to God has been anything but straight. I have struggled with my faith my entire life.


This isn’t a story of my faith. I was on a trip to the beach and I realized that churches look SO DIFFERENT. On one strip of highway there were 7 different churches within a few miles Some are beautiful, glorious buildings with ornate windows and biblical symbols. Some churches look like look storage buildings.

I want to document the different churches that I come across, their history and take pictures of their individual traits.

Though I firmly believe the beauty of a church is truly found in the hearts of the congregation, I like exploring the aesthetically pleasing architecture of the outside (and inside if I am lucky).

I’m starting with The Church of God, which we attended for one of our Christmas Eve services.

The congregation actually started coming together before a church officially stood but they consider their first Church of God sermon to be in September 1931 and the chapel was finished in 1948. They are part of the larger Church of God family that first came to my state in 1914. Church of God was started in Tennessee in 1886.

I will share at least one church a month, it helps me get out and explore the area, but also I like finding out about the history of the buildings that are so special to so many.

Though I am personally Christian, I will be looking to capture mosques, synagogues and other places of religious practice, as well. I hope you enjoy.

Author: bonniemalicki

I am a re-married mom of 3 kids, 2 cats and 5 rats!! I have started an art business with my mom, I am a part time dog and baby sitter. My husband and I just bought a house and we are figuring out homeownership, marriage and parenting a baby (again for me... it's been awhile) together. This blog is just for fun to talk about our journey; the trials and tribulations of everything we have going on!

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