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Hello Everyone,

So as you guys may or may not already know I am the husband to the Majestic Wife. (You’re the best) We have long since talked of a few different ways we can do things together and one of the things we have discussed doing was a family Variety Youtube Channel as well as doing a Livestream for various things we could do together. Right now we have a few highlights as well as gameplay for one of my favorite games: League of Legends, I’ve been playing ranked since season 4. This year I’d like to do something different with not only season 10 but the 2020 year and track and talk about the games that I play to see if I can do better than before. Also what’s more fun than taking you guys on the adventure with me!

So if you’d like to join me on the adventure as well as enjoy other videos and fun things we post come follow us on youtube at:

Some of the videos we’ve done so far on the gaming side with plenty more to come:

And the Livestream here:

I will be streaming Saturday starting at 7:00 PM EST on 1/9/2020 so come join for some fun!

We are hoping to grow and have some fun while doing so as well as doing more with you our followers and community so please join us while we have fun doing things together!

Author: thebonnaldlifehubby

Stats: Bonus Dad = 2/3 Genetic = 1/3 Love = 3/3 Navigating life as a Step-Dad (Bonus Dad)

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